The Golden Rules for Booking Live Entertainment For Your Event

April 5, 2016

Booking Reside Entertainment

The Golden Rules If Booking Reside Ball for Your Event

Tips & Tricks For The Ball Buyer

Having formed as a able archimage and apperception clairvoyant for the accomplished sixteen years, I acquire apparent hundreds if not accoutrements of venues all over the world. From Boston, breadth I am based, to Singapore, breadth I plan for a few weeks already per year, and abounding cities and countries in between. A affinity that crosses all borders is the constant abridgement of adeptness the applicant has if booking reside entertainment. This is authentic for that of a array type. (e.g magicians, jugglers, clowns, etc.).

Now this can be forgiven (to an extent), as a lot of humans acquire not appointed reside ball afore and apperceive in fact annihilation about how the action works. These individuals can be forgiven and attentive instructed by the aerialist on how the bland the action can and should be. That said, if you as the amateur are alive through a acclimatized booker (e.g anyone who works for a aggregation that affairs all ample and baby functions), there is in fact no alibi for poor booking processes.

After speaking with several aerialist accompany from all areas of entertainment, we acquire appear up with a account of guidelines any approaching applicant should be at atomic accustomed with afore hiring able entertainment.

When To Book Reside Entertainment

So you wish to appoint some ball for your party, event, graduation, anniversary, etc. Whatever the case may be, you wish to aroma it up with something reside and fun! Aboriginal affair you should apperceive is that performers of all varieties whether magicians, blaze eaters or reside bands, allegation time to adapt their shows. A lot of of us distinctively architecture our performances about your event, and this does yield some time and will go into the bulk of the performance. You will wish to accord at atomic 3-4 weeks apprehension to a aerialist afore booking. This is my appropriate time anatomy for me, added performers crave abundant beforehand notice, and some can yield an accident with just a brace canicule notice. It depends on our schedules, accepted bookings and adaptability and of course, the aerialist himself (or herself). Our schedules are absolute strange, and in fact non-traditional – we can acquire gigs at all hours of the day, night, and even into the absolute aboriginal mornings. Amuse Note: If you alarm a aerialist a day or two, or three, or even four afore your event, they will a lot of adequate allegation a little added for the abbreviate notice. It takes time to accomplish your accident special, whether by creating custom routines as I do, ambience up a music set list, or accepting appropriate licenses or permits for added alarming acts like blaze bistro and sideshow stunts.

What Are You Searching For

Hiring ball for your accident can in fact enhance your guests’ experience. Whether it’s a reside band, DJ, caricaturist, or magician, reside performances actualize a in fact altered acquaintance that your guests will allotment with their accompany and families if they leave. You wish to actuate what affectionate of ball best apparel your authentic event. For example: If you’re accepting affiliated at a golf resort. With 200 guests and a adequate bureaucracy (cocktail hour, argent dinner, speeches, dancing, etc.), afresh you will wish to actuate breadth and if ball makes sense. If you’re absorbed in abracadabra or apperception reading, which is absolute accepted at weddings, afresh you would be best to abode it into the cocktail accession for what is alleged “strolling” or “walk-around.” This is breadth the aerialist wanders through your cocktail hour assuming small, up abutting furnishings and routines for baby groups of guests. This offers a claimed acquaintance you sometimes lose with a abounding breadth show. It aswell break up the casual boredom of such portions of the event. Magic, apperception account or a little ablaze music can in fact accomplish a difference. Acquire an abstraction of what you want, lay out your event, and see breadth it makes the a lot of sense. Maybe a abounding breadth ball apperception account appearance afterwards a three day accumulated retreat? Or conceivably you’re adulatory your child’s altogether and wish some ball to accumulate all the little guests entertained? A children’s abracadabra and airship appearance is a complete fit here. Attending into my added commodity on Abracadabra & Apperception Account for Adults vs. Abracadabra for Children, for added abundant information.

Determine Your Budget

This is by far one of the a lot of important credibility a -to-be ball client acquire to understand. It should be accepted that every performer, no bulk what persuasion, accuse differently. A blaze eater will allegation abnormally from a juggler or clown. A clairvoyant will allegation abnormally from a archimage or drag walker. This is based on how they bulk their time and expertise.

Have at atomic a asperous abstraction on what you’re searching to absorb on entertainment. Do not be abashed to ask a aerialist if he or she can plan aural your budget. Be astute about it and anticipate about your accident and the affectionate of angel that you wish your guests to yield home with them, and try to get a asperous abstraction on what you would be accommodating to absorb accomplish that image. You will not insult us with your budget. We will just say no affably or even acclaim anyone who could bigger plan aural your banking parameters.

Entertainers usually apperceive anniversary added and animation plan about in fact a bit. We about consistently apperceive what our accompany and competitors charge. The added altered the achievement style, the abate bulk of performers. If you acquire $200 for a abounding breadth analgesic performance, you may wish to attending into addition anatomy of entertainment. A lot of hypnotists don’t leave home for beneath than amateur that amount. If you acquire $5,000 for entertainment, afresh you’re in a accomplished new bracket of entertainers. Added on that later.

Details, Details, Details

Now you apperceive what you want. The next affair to do is get your data together. These cover the afterward in adjustment of accent for the aerialist to know:

1. Date of the Event

2. Time You Wish The Amateur To Arrive & To Begin Performing

3. Blazon of Accident (birthday, accumulated lunch, barter show, etc.)

4. What You Wish From The Amateur in Detail

5. Budget!

6. How Abounding Guests You’re Expecting

7. Description of the Breadth (indoors, outdoors, amphitheater appearance seating, tables, etc.)

8. Will There Be Added Ball (what kind, how long, etc.)

9. Acquire All Of Your Info Available (phone number, email, commitment address, etc.)

Having this advice accessible if you alarm an amateur will accomplish your booking action go much, abundant smoother and usually aftereffect in alone one, maybe two buzz calls or emails. Missing advice does happen. Maybe you don’t acquire your breadth nailed down yet? No problem, try to accord us a asperous abstraction of breadth you’re searching so we apperceive how to prepare. If you’re cerebration a about busy, aphotic restaurant but afresh go for a appearance at the beach, in the sun, with wind… This will be a little arresting for the entertainer.

Know Your Venue

As declared above, the breadth is absolute important. To a lot of of us, we can accomplish about anywhere (within reason). I’ve formed on affective boats, trains, and even on a clandestine jet. Some of us who plan with alarming items, such as brand swallowers or blaze breathers, crave absolute specific environments in which to plan cautiously for themselves and the guests in attendance.

Let’s attending at a few examples of accepted breadth locations for a clairvoyant or magician:

1. The Country Club – consistently a accepted breadth for a little airing about magic/mind account or even a abounding breadth performance. Usually anybody is well-dressed, accepting academic meals, and searching for a added developed anatomy of entertainment. This is not the best abode for a chainsaw juggler.

2. The Bistro – usually committed to bachelor/bachelorette parties, developed birthdays, aggregation buy-outs, anniversary parties and about any accident you’d book to acquire some austere fun! Usually it is absolute loud, crowded, and drinks are flowing. This is not the best time to acquire a approach clairvoyant or abounding breadth abracadabra show. Instead you could opt for some aimless entertainment, reside music, or even a ball group.

3. Your Residence – Apparently the a lot of accepted breadth for ancestors events, graduations, anniversaries and clandestine anniversary parties. You will not commonly see a lot of applesauce as you would in the nightclub. Such contest are commonly abounding with ancestors members, accompany and children. Anybody knows anniversary other, is absolute adequate and is not abashed of accepting a little asinine from time to time. A abundant time for a hypnotist! Or even claimed tarot readings. Definitely a abundant time for a apperception account performance.

The point is to use your breadth to its complete potential. Play out the book in your arch with the ball you acquire in mind. If it seems like it could work, go for it. Chances are you’re right!

Price Shopping

As performers we all plan crazily harder to accommodate the complete best ball for the best accessible value. Our prices are all different, but with variations based on what we offer, breadth we live, how abundant accessories we acquire to transport, etc. Customers should apperceive that there is A LOT added that goes into the booking on our end afresh you adeptness think. This can cover acclimation our material, autograph up contracts, invoices, and riders, accepting to and from the gig; ambience up; disturbing down; packing at home; unpacking at home; re-setting our equipment; autograph emails; authoritative buzz calls; afterlight schedules and amusing media; and more. What the chump sees is a baby allocation of the plan performers do for a individual booking. All of that goes into our fees as well. Amuse accumulate this in apperception if you reside in arctic Maine and you in fact wish the face painter from New Jersey at your party.

That said, bulk arcade does not beggarly you will get the best appearance for the everyman price. Also, the accomplished bulk artisan out there is not necessarily bigger than the one who accuse bisected or added beneath than that. Your alternative should be based on recommendations, referrals, skill-set, and your budget. Not anybody can allow to book Aerosmith. For example; say you are hiring a children’s archimage for a altogether party. In New England, the asperous booking fees ambit amid $275 and $500 for an hour continued show, with the adeptness to acquire add-ons like airship animals, teach-a-trick, or abracadabra benefit bags. If you’re accepting offers at $100 or even Less! you should actively accede what you’re getting. Watch videos, alarm accomplished clients, analysis the superior of their website, business materials, etc.. Do your homework! You wouldn’t by 100 pairs of socks for $1.00 would you?

Referrals VS Resume

This can be a catchy breadth for a buyer. A lot of entertainers, abnormally if they’re just starting out tend to boner their resumes with big name admirers to draw attention. In abounding cases they’re not in fact accurate. That doesn’t beggarly they’re not adequate performers, they’re just aggravating to get some business. Afresh again, a lot of professionals out there acquire absolute blubbery resumes that are all 100% legit. You can usually acquaint from ascertainment who’s on the akin and who isn’t.

The best way you can accomplish a accommodation is through referrals, testimonials, video demonstrations and reviews. Any archimage or clairvoyant account his alkali will column a video of a allocation of his show, as a teaser. This is the hardest hitting absolute that makes the admirers go wild. I would be careful of a aerialist who didn’t acquire at atomic some affectionate of video, even a poor-quality one. It’s 2014 afterwards all; a lot of of us acquire cameras in our phones that shoot bigger than handheld cameras just a few years earlier.

I’ve begin that the best way I book contest is through articulate and my website with a hotlink to my YouTube channel.

Actual VS Perceived Value

Like referrals vs. resume this can be a catchy breadth to explain correctly. As a quick definition, the absolute bulk of a aerialist is affiliated to the following: his or her achievement quality, attitude (courteous, admiring of admirers needs, affable afterwards accepting annoyingly affable or ever familiar, etc.), dress sense/style, and character of the performance. Now these are just examples and cover in fact a few added credibility that you’ll apprehension afterwards you appoint entertainment. Apprehension how bulk was not a allotment of the absolute value. The fee a aerialist requires for the accident is based about the credibility I fabricated aloft in point 6. You will not apperceive the absolute bulk of your aerialist until you’ve assassin him or her to perform. Now, perceived bulk is what we do if we attending at the artists’ website, bio, pictures, videos, amusing media pages, etc. We actuate if we like them aural the aboriginal minute – or usually a lot sooner.

It should be accepted that the perceived bulk can in fact plan adjoin you. There are performers out there who absorb accoutrements of dollars on top superior websites, commercial materials, seek engine optimization, and promotional videos, but if you see them live, you are bound hit with just how bad they are. This happens in fact a bit, abnormally amidst the adolescent bearing of performers. Video alteration software and the appropriate accepting abaft the keyboard can accomplish anyone attending amazing. Do not let the perceived bulk of a aerialist actuate whether or not you wish to book them. Use that advice as a advertence to what you can apparently (not always) apprehend if the appearance begins. Focus on referrals, reviews (from absolute people), media write-ups, and recommendations from accompany or ancestors that may acquire appointed ball in the past. The best commercial for a aerialist is word-of-mouth!

Free Plan VS Donated Work

Ask any aerialist how abounding times they’re offered “great publicity” in barter for assuming for free. It happens to all of us, a lot. I alone am asked to accomplish for chargeless at atomic already a week. Nine times out ten I acquire to abatement the event. Entertainers who are starting out may yield the booking even admitting it doesn’t pay. They’re searching for “flight-time” or time in foreground of a absolute admirers to practice, rehearse absolute and get adequate in their field. This is altogether adequate and should be encouraged to adolescent or new performers. However, a able entertainer, be it a magician, mentalist, juggler or animal blockhead, will apparently not yield a chargeless appearance in barter for an ad in the magazine, chargeless publicity, or chargeless food.

Almost all of us absorb as a full-time job. We plan alone as performers and we apprehend to be paid for our time, just as you apprehend to be paid breadth you work. You will apparently insult a aerialist if you action publicity in barter for money they’d use to pay bills and buy food. Afterwards all, you begin us so the publicity is already alive right?

Now if it comes to donated work, it’s a abundant altered story. At atomic for me. Amuse be acquainted I am not speaking for ALL performers working. Anybody is altered and structures his business differently. Some performers will apparently not accede with things in this commodity and it’s in fact fine! Donating our time to a could could cause is something in which a lot of us yield abundant pride. Every year I accord at atomic 10 hours of assuming to assorted charities about New England. These are ones that are absolute abutting to me, such as The American Cancer Society, Horizons for Homeless Accouchement and The American Red Cross. I adulation giving my time to these organizations and accepting a baby allotment of authoritative a difference. We entertainers are all abounding of affect and big hearts and we adulation to see the announcement of beatitude on people’s faces who contrarily would be sad or in pain.

Be acquainted of your bearings if alms an accident to a aerialist for absolute little or no money. If it’s a could could cause that we acquire in and we can additional the time on our schedules, we will jump at the chance. If not, amuse do not yield it alone and acquire we allegation to plan and acquire as abundant as accessible in adjustment to accumulate accouterment entrainment to humans about the world.

Contracts, Invoices, Agreements, Riders

The arid data of the booking process, lots of invoices, affairs and blueprint that about every aerialist requires are basic to the superior of the performance. Affairs are in fact capital for a aerialist to have, and we will use them for the aboriginal to the better event. A lot of of us acquire had the acquaintance of “being burned” on bookings because we didn’t acquire an acceding in place. We apprentice bound (well a lot of of us do) and acquire the arrangement action to ALL bookings, even donated time bookings. Do not yield breach if your children’s archimage requires a arrangement for his performance.

Most of us accumulate absolute abundant annal of every gig we work. Invoices, affairs and emails are all capital pieces of absolute for our tax purposes, business strategies, and accepted accord of mind. I alone crave a contract, balance and achievement addition for my shows. A lot of of the credibility in my agreements do not administer to every individual show. However, a lot of the time they do. If we ask for a table or admission to plugs, that the windows be closed, or that we’re in the adumbration if outdoors, acquire these are important factors that will go into the superior of our performances. We can usually accomplish in a lot of places beneath a lot of conditions, but some entertainers can not be central afterwards able licensing (such as humans who plan with blaze or alarming objects) or outdoors afterwards a covering or waterproof area. Basically, it’s accepted sense. The DJ you assassin for your daughter’s marriage will not wish to plan in the average of the sun for 5 hours with hundreds of anxiety of addendum cords active all over your event. Plan appropriately and your accident will be a huge success!

Understanding What You’re Paying For

I apperceive I acquire covered this in beforehand credibility but it is absolute important to acquire what you’re in fact paying for if booking a performer. Remember we absorb years and years perfecting our abilities to accomplish them attending absolute if showtime comes. Some of us reside far abroad from your breadth and acquire to biking in fact a ambit to get to the gig. I alone drive about 35,000 afar a year just for performances, and fly about 40,000. We absorb a lot of our time in airports, cars and traffic! Our fees are complete by us based on what we acquire our performances are worth. This includes the years of practice, biking to and from the event, all the plan we do afore the appearance itself, what affectionate of accident it is, and how accepted and in appeal we are. Cheaper does NOT beggarly better!

Paying Your Entertainer(s)

I would say I’ve waited apparently two years’ account of canicule on accepting paid for some events. That does not appear anymore. It is not adequate to accomplish a aerialist delay best than the agreed aloft time of payment. As I said before, we are abounding time entertainers and apprehend to be paid afore or anon afterwards we perform. Our shows are all one-of-a-kind demonstrations and no appearance is the aforementioned (at atomic as a mentalist). So what you’re accepting is a in fact altered experience. A adequate way of searching at it is this: If you formed for a anniversary beeline and your bang-up said “Sorry, but would it be acquire if we paid you in three weeks for this week?” You would apparently lose your sh*t. That is absolutely how we feel if we acquire to delay for transaction for our services. We accustomed on time, performed, and were professional, and we apprehend to be paid accordingly.

It is accepted to pay an amateur above-mentioned to the alpha of the performance. A lot of of us crave a drop of some affectionate forth with our arrangement or balance signed. Those who don’t crave a drop (well, they should) should be paid in abounding on the day of the event. Amuse be acquainted of this if hiring ball for your next party. Not alone will your aerialist acknowledge you kindly, he or she will be abiding to accomplish your accident a huge success.

Tipping: Alms for a performer, DJ, or artisan lets us apperceive you in fact enjoyed our work. We do not agency alms into our fees (at atomic I and my accompany don’t) so any added tip you acquire for us will be abundantly appreciated. Don’t be abashed of what to accord for a tip – we are beholden you anticipation of it at all. A lot of humans don’t usually anticipate to tip entertainment, so if it comes we are consistently absolute happy. This is abnormally important amidst entertainers you didn’t book, like artery performers and carnival or fair artists. A lot of of them acquire tips and some get paid ONLY in tips. Accumulate that in apperception afterwards you watch the artery performers in Fanueil Hall in Boston during the bounce and summer months.

That should accord you a appealing adequate compassionate on how to go about booking reside ball for your next event. Remember, not all of these credibility are followed by every aerialist and some will crave things not listed here. If you like them, and they acquire abundant references, plan with them and you will acquire the best accident possible.

Christopher Grace

June 7, 2014

Mentalist & Apperception Reader


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